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About the Owner, Sandra R. Jacoby

Photography has always been a hobby of mine.  In 2010, a good family friend was getting married and decided to ask me to take their engagement photos.  Nervously I agreed.  I took hundreds of photos for them and was just hoping they'd like them.  A few weeks later, much to my surprise, both of them emailed me and asked me to take photos for their wedding.  I took a few weeks to agree, but I am glad I did. 

Photography comes second in my list of jobs to my full time job of teaching.  I have known I wanted to teach from the day I started kindergarten.  Five-year-olds still love you and get excited about everything.  They come to school ready to learn and even want to come on the weekends!  In the past, I have given a portrait of each of my student's to their parents as Christmas gifts.

I come from a huge family and have always been very close to them.  My dad is 1 of 11 children and all but one of them have at least one child.  Most of my older cousins also have children, making my Oma (grandmother) a great-oma over 20 times.  My mom is from a much smaller family - she is 1 of 4 and the only girl.  On this side of the family, there are only 8 grandchildren including me and my sister, and two great grandchildren. No event in my family is done small, and I know that when you look back on an event, you like everything to be represented no matter how big or small.