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245 East Main Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

The oldest operating brewpub in Texas!


Fredericksburg Brewing Company
Re-live the past and, at the same time, enjoy the beauty of the present.  Did you ever notice that when you leave your everyday surroundings, you change the way  you think?  Refreshing, isn't it.  When you visit Fredericksburg, you visit a town, not created for tourists, but certainly enjoyed by tourists.

This rare kind of place is becoming more unique every day.  It is a community that has survived hardships, has given life to generations of strong citizens and leaders, and has grown and prospered within the most beautiful part of our great state of Texas.

We certainly enjoy our hometown and want you to feel that it is your home during your stay.  We want our establishment to be "Your Brewery", where you can relax, meet your friends and even spend the night.  We strive to make our food, brews, merchandise, and accommodations unique, but also of the highest quality and value found anywhere in the good old U.S.

It is time for you to escape, to visit us, and to enjoy a large serving of fun.  Thank you for joining us at Your Brewery.



About Us
We began our operation in 1994, within months of the passage of legislation allowing brewpub operation in the state of Texas. We found a public eagerly awaiting the enjoyment of our cold, freshly brewed beers along with our freshly prepared, flavorful foods.

Today we are the oldest brewpub in Texas, and have been proclaimed by numerous publications, as the "Best in Texas". Our reputation is confirmed by our award winning brews in both U.S. and International Competitions. Most importantly, is the reinforcement that we are doing things right, shown by the repetitive visits of our loyal guest from both near and far.

Fredericksburg Brewing Company claimed a gold medal at the 2008 Great American Beer Festival Competition, the largest national beer competition that recognizes the most outstanding beers produced in the United States today. We have been in operation since 1994 and have twice been proclaimed as the Best Brewpub in Texas, by Texas Monthly. In addition to the 2008 gold medal for our Hauptstrasse Helles (Mainstreet Light), previous silver and bronze medals have been received for our Porter and Red Ale.

We are located at 245 East Main Street which is in the heart of the historic, downtown shopping district in beautiful Fredericksburg, Texas. To house our operations, we restored a great two story 1890s building to historical standards. The first floor of the building provides space for our dining area, our large air-conditioned biergarten, and a lager room with retail space.The second floor provides space for our unique "Bed & Brew" facilities. There are twelve rooms with baths, each decorated in a different theme.

In our fair little town, sidewalk consumption is allowed, so that you can take our cold brews on your sidewalk stroll.


Bed & Brew 
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"Sucha Country"  Where else can you find an "adult retreat" above a fine restaurant, and brewery?  Where else can you partake of  delicious menu selections and great brews and, without getting into your car, take only a few steps to a comfortable night's sleep upstairs?

Eleven rooms above the restaurant and one room located on ground level (handicap accessible) are available for you to choose. All parking for the Bed & Brew is located on Main Street. With this location you can park for the weekend and walk to any destination!  Each room is unique in its styling but all have private baths, queen beds, and central air with individual controls.

The main stairway is located on Main Street, just next to the restaurant entrance.  The entrance door,  the staircase, and handrail,  are constructed of old, long leaf yellow pine, the same as used throughout this great restored 1890's building.

The rooms are located off a central hallway, designed in  boarding house style, with  wooden floors and old stone archway.  Some of the rooms are decorated in older styling, some are in popular, local designer themes of the hill country.

For your safety, and unlike many B&B's,  the entire building is fire sprinklered, as are  the rooms.  All rooms have queen size beds, private bathtub/shower, and all are smoke free.  (For your sleeping pleasure, we adhere to a strict  NO SMOKING policy in the rooms or the halls - violators are billed a $300 fumigation charge.)Check in for the rooms is at 3 PM, while check out is at 11 AM the next day.   

Each guest is entitled to a free pint of our beer for each night's stay (hence the "brew" part  in bed & brew.) Biergarten

A Perfect Waiting Place
Adjoining the main dining area, this biergarten is enclosed and is fully air conditioned.  A dedicated full bar is available with all of your favorite brews cold piped to the taps. 

Large Projection Screen
Fronting a ten by sixty foot mural depicting German street scenes covering the entire rear wall, is a sixteen foot by eighteen foot projection screen.  Great for NBA "Go Spurs Go" games, the giant screen makes you feel like you are on the court.

Friends and Family
Full blown reunions, or spending time with a few friends, while the better half is shopping, the biergarten is the perfect casual spot.

Popular Functions
All  kinds of party functions, including wedding receptions, birthday parties and holiday functions are hosted.  At other times, sporting events, such as UT and A&M games are enjoyed. Our Brewing Operation
What does it take to produce award winning brews?  

Consistent product doesn't happen by chance, but comes from a thorough understanding of the brewing process, experience gained from hundreds of batches using the finest brewing equipment available, from  quality  malt, yeast, and  hops and a sophisticated system to fully condition our water.

The bright copper vessels are called the "brew house," the tanks that are heated during the brewing process. Heat is obtained from a roof-top boiler. The stainless tanks have are the cooled vessels that have cold glycol circulating in the dual skinned exterior.  The glycol is piped from a refrigerated storage tank.  The malt is supplied to the brew house via an auger directly from a malt mill in the malt room.  Water used in the brewing process is conditioned by reverse osmosis after being conditioned by ion displacement.  (The glycol system, steam boiler, malt mill and water treatment system are not in view of the guests).  The electronic panel above the brew house, monitors the temperatures and controls the values that regulate the steam and glycol flow.

The conical bottom stainless vessels are called  "fermenters" as they are used for the yeast to ferment and eventually be removed.  Three, one thousand gallon storage tanks (lagering tanks) are in the adjoining lager room.  These tanks accept the product from the fermenters and condition the product before being sent to the finishing tanks for serving or carbonating and serving.

Our batch size is 500 gal per brew.  Our total working capacity is 7,500 gal.  We brew both Lagers and Ales and we brew in the true German tradition. 

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Upon entering the restaurant, the brewing equipment, of course, will be the first thing to catch your eye.  The bright copper and stainless tanks were manufactured in Europe, mainly in the countries of Germany, Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

Because we wanted our patrons to experience the great appearance, sounds and aroma of the magnificent brewing process, we located our equipment in full view of all the tables.  We have received many favorable comments on this layout, but more, of course, from the quality of our tasty Ales and Lagers.

Even though the brewing equipment catches your eye, you do not want to miss the details of this restaurant that make your visit even more interesting and enjoyable.

Many restaurants strive to create an atmosphere that is naturally present in "Your Brewery" building.  New brick and paint, however, cannot duplicate the sensation of knowing you are experiencing a piece of history.  Dating back to the 1890's, "Your Brewery" was constructed of limestone block and 'long leaf yellow pine' timbers.  Each large stone was individually crafted and hand placed to provide a structurally sound building that would endure many life-times.

Upon this stone, long leaf yellow pine timbers were laid.  The tight grain of this slow growing pine (no longer available) provides the strength and the natural beauty that is evident throughout the Resteraunt, Biergarten, and Bed & Brew.  In keeping with our philosophy of conservation, we recycled all wood from the walls that were removed.  The wood was refinished and used in areas such as our long bar and wait-station.  Doors, floors, cases and trim areas also reflect this fine wood treatment.

The bar tops are pretty unique in that they are constructed of poured-in-place concrete.  They are of one piece construction that weighs more than your average bear.

The lighting has been updated to low voltage, but is in keeping with the original, twin stand off insulator installation.  The ceramic insulators are the same ones that provided lighting many years ago

A fireplace is a cozy thing to both observe and to wary your back-side, and the fireplace at "Your Brewery" is a doozy.  This fireplace occupies one corner of the restaurant and was constructed of heavy stone retrieved from the local area.  The mantel is a single stone that is significantly larger than the amount showing.





Our Biergarten is the perfect place to hold your next event, whether it be a work meeting, family reunion, rehearsal dinner, etc. This room, which is located in the back behind the seating area for the restaurant, can seat up to 160 people.

Our in house staff prepares top quality customized menus for your event.  Each is made with the finest ingredients and utmost care.  Our professional event staff will meet with you to plan your menu just the way you want it. The Fredericksburg Brewing Company also provides flexible options for hosted or cash  bar service.

For more information about hosting your next event with us please contact us at (830) 997-1646 or email







Monday - Thursday: 11:30 am-9:00 pm
Friday: 11:30 am-10:00 pm
Saturday: 11:00 am-10:00 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am-7:00 pm