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With retirement apartments for the independent senior, our assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing care, Knopp can be your partner in addressing the full array of elderly needs, all in the beautiful town of Fredericksburg.  Knopp was established in 1965, and is Family Owned & Operated

At each of our Knopp homes our pursuit is to create a vibrant environment for the resident. We believe Resident Activities are more than the passing of time; they are a healing opportunity! The goal is an activity program that will nourish the physical, spiritual, and mental appetite of the resident in a variety of exciting and innovative ways.  We seek to achieve this through music, pet therapy, and intellectually stimulating activities. 

Knopp Healthcare is also a Certified Music & Memory facility. Learn more about this remarkable program at 


Work with the very best therapists in the Texas Hill Country. Whether you need Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapy, our exceptional team can get you back where you know you should be. Our goal is to help you return to the quality of life you enjoyed prior to the setback currently at hand. Outpatient Therapy is available for those able to return home. Or, you may enjoy the convenience of residence at our Assisted Living, just next door, while working to achieve Therapy goals.


Knopp Healthcare is excited to have formed a unique partnership with Votive Hospice.


**Knopp is very excited to offer Memory Care to the Texas Hill Country!!

For more information, call James at (830)997-7924