Hilda Bopp is the owner and operator of this family friendly restaurant. She has been in the business as an owner for over 30 years. In 2003 she opened Hilda’s Tortillas with a vision to make the freshest tortillas and mexican cuisine possible. The first building was a very small space with just enough room for the massive tortilla machines and a small spot for customers to walk in, place their order and take their food to go.  Hilda was very fortunate to quickly become a popular spot for the locals. As a direct result of the community support she received, she was able to build a brand new full service restaurant and bar on the same property.  After completion of the new building, the old “taco shack” was torn down. Staying true to her values, her recipes still require premium ingredients and the small batches ensure that her food is always fresh. Her kitchen not only produces all of the menu items for the restaurant, it is also a tortilla factory. Everyday approximately 1500-2000 flour tortillas are made from scratch. Twice a week 300 pounds or more corn tortillas are produced. Some of them are sold as tortillas and the rest are made into our famous corn tortilla chips that are fried fresh daily.  The chip making process is very laborious and consistes of first making the masa, running it through the tortilla machine that cuts the dough into triangular shaped peices that are then cooled on a long conveyor belt.  An actual person runs this machine while someone else catches and inspects the finished product for quality at the end of the conveyor.  From this point a seperate employee whose sole purpose is to fry chips, spends about 8 hours every evening frying the chips and then letting them cool down before hand bagging them into 1 pound bags.  We sell an avarage of 700 or more pounds of chips per year.  And that’s not counting what is given to customers. Dine in customers who order entrees are fortunate enough to get these home made chips free of charge with their meal. 

Cutting corners in Hilda’s kitchen is not an option!  Everything that comes off the delivery truck from meats to lettuce to cheese to fresh eggs in the shell is raw product that is washed, chopped, sliced, cracked,  trimmed, marinated and cooked in house!

Hilda is hoping to keep growing and expanding to accomodate all of her customers needs and wants!  We thank  every single person that has given us the opportunity to serve them!


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